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Dentist in San Jose

If you're looking for a competent IT person, look no further than Mr. Ed Grant with www.grantsolutions.com. I'm giving this testimonial without any inducements. Rather I want to "share a good thing." I know from personal experience (I'm a dentist) that when the computers aren't talking to the routers that are talking to the digital peripherals that aren't talking the same language to the server, that spells trouble. Unfortunately very few people can handle those problem. And even fewer people can handle the upset emotions that goes with the territory. There's nothing like reliability. And that's exactly who Ed is. And there's more, Ed works with his "heart" as well as his "brain." He knows what's going on above and below the surfaces. I've never been disappointed ever in the years I've worked with Ed. He keeps my business running. He's a winner!

Marketing Consultant in Santa Cruz

Ed is an excellent MS consultant. I call him the PC network doctor. He is always available and responsive, quickly and accurately diagnoses the problems, prioritizes the core issues first, efficiently implements solutions and follows through till the problem is fixed and I'm satisfied.

He does a good job of educating me, too, so I can make better decisions. I trust Ed to keep my business network up and running - and to make it fun along the way!

Realtor in the South Bay

I have found Ed to be extremely knowledgeable and have great integrity whenever I have utilized him for consulting services. That has been extensive, as over the past 6 years I have depended upon Ed exclusively to keep me current with cutting edge technology solutions for my real estate business. Additionally Ed has a gift for transferring his knowledge & expertise, to a true NON computer geek such as myself, in an efficient and fun way.

Certified Massage Therapist in San Jose

My business partner and I spent hundreds of dollars trying to fix one problem at a time with our Laptops and PCs. We realized very soon that we needed someone who not only can help us fix our issues but also guide us towards better products, and features which will increase productivity in our business. Ed Grant of Grant Solutions gave us exactly what we were looking for and more. I can sleep better each night knowing no one can harm are Laptops and PCs.

Landscaping Accountant and Home Office in San Jose

Grant Solutions is the the only "solution" you need for your IT needs. Grant Solutions first advised, bought and installed my home computer. Thus, saving my home office window from destruction. I then introduced Grant Solutions to my office and once again my frustration has been eliminated - at least as far as computers go!!! My home office and work office are much happier places. Thank you Grant Solutions!

Medical Sales in San Jose

Ed Grant has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He has always been attentive, reliable, resourceful and responsible. He is very knowledgeable and good at resolving computer issues. I highly recommend Ed Grant.

Retired Dentist in Sunnyvale

I have sought Ed's expertise a few times, the most notable was when my system was infected by a very damaging virus which he was able to rid of it and another example was to clean up hidden things in my computer which made it run to its potential, meaning very fast and efficient. I would highly recommend his services.

President, Winery in Santa Cruz

Our IT shop was not strong and Ed was very good at bringing our systems and staff up to speed. Hes able to put complex technical issues into everyday language, has good common sense and excellent interpersonal skills. He is very reliable. I could sleep at night because I didnt have to worry about data issues. I am very comfortable with Ed.

Chiropractor in Los Gatos

Ed has more integrity than anyone youve ever met in your life. If I have a computer problem, I go to Ed. He gives me a better price than I can find anywhere else. Hes not just technical: he knows the business and how you need to apply things. And hell stay till everything works. Ed goes the extra mile.

Proprietor, Hearing Aid Center in Monterey

We are very satisfied with Eds work. Ed is very personable as well as being very up-to-date on technology. He is scrupulously honest about time and materials. He gives good advice. Thats what we pay him for and he delivers. We recommended Ed to another business owner and plan to use him at our next site.

Office Manager, Dental Practice in San Jose.

We trust Ed. Ed updated our computer systems and network. He has high integrity, hes timely, and hes very accessible. I can catch him anytime on the phone and he always responds to us. Ed has given us great tips on staying up-to-date technically. He goes above and beyond to make sure our systems work.

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