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Why do you need LocalAdLink right now?

The internet has always had the promise of connecting customers to businesses but until now this has mainly benefited large companies - LocalAdLink gives you the ability to get online and get online fast.

Traditional print advertising is becoming less effective each year. Already 54% of people have traded in their old Yellow Pages and solely search online and this number is growing daily. The cost to print and physically send mailers is increasing faster than the return on investment. Newspaper readership is rapidly declining while the cost to place a classified has remained steady. Your customers are already searching online. LocalAdLink can help make your business stand out.

Local cable and radio are also changing - with the arrival of TIVO, people are skipping commercials more than ever and now with satellite radio such as XM and Sirius, local programming is becoming harder and harder to find. Reaching new customers in your local area is vital to your continued success and LocalAdLink can help.

How does it work?

LocalAdLink uses geo-targeting technology which determines the physical location of a web site visitor and delivers different content to that visitor based on his or her location. is the main hub of our system. This web site is an online local search directory that is an easy to use resource for people looking for local information. On customers can search for your business by name or type, (e.g. Pizza) read & write reviews about your business & services, see photos and videos and even download coupons.

We have 3 different packages available and each advertising package helps you get more visibility on the web site. The Premium package ensures that you will get the highest placement when a visitor searches.

 LocalAdLink and The Internet

The revolutionary part of LocalAdLink is that we take your business listing and push it out onto the web. What does this mean for you? Well, we're not just sitting back and waiting for people to visit LocalAdLink, we are pro-actively pushing your listing out through our partner web sites. Your listing can be seen on some of the most popular web sites, search engines, and social networks in America. Some of these include Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL,, Earth link, YouTube, GMAIL,, Napster,, Redbook,,, MySpace, LinkedIn, Friendster, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut, MiGente and BOOMj. But the best part is by using our geo-targeting software, your ad is only shown to people in your area which ensures you get the most value for your advertising dollar.

What are the different packages?

LocalAdLink offers a variety of advertising packages to fit your businesses needs. Start advertising for free or start with a Premium Package and see increased business today!

Example of Premium Package

Package Description





Business Listing on
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Details. No Yes Yes Yes
Web site Link. No Yes Yes Yes
Ability to upload image/logo No 5 10 15
Target zip codes. No 10 20 50
Add search terms. No 2 2 3
Create or upload coupons
No Yes Yes Yes
Upload and show videos No 2 3 5
Business Tag line stands out
No No No Yes
"Featured Business" status
(listing featured higher up
in the search results and
rotated in our "Spotlight
Business") on
No Yes Higher Highest
Your listing pushed out to
the web & displayed on the
biggest web sites, search
engines, and social networks
of the internet (ads only
displays to people in the
zip codes you choose)
No Yes Yes Yes
Monthly prices
No contract required
$0 $99.99 $149.99 $249.99

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Examples (top of page)

You want to know that LocalAdLink really works and this 2.5 minute video will show you some impressive results. You will see screen prints of a Google search for 2 local businesses using the LocalAdLink service.


A 6 minute video showing more examples of Google and other search engine results where a $100 a month ad makes it to the #1 search results position. He shows you the LocalAdLink report page with lots of statistics. He also talks about pay per click costs and how LocalAdLink saves money.


A 5 minute video showing more examples of Google and other search engine results.


This example is a web page with audio and screen prints. You will have to manually scroll down the page as he talks to see each sample screen. See the yellow highlighted screen print below so you can get the idea of where to look for the ad . In my example it is the Ford dealer called FLMN of Slidell. They searched for ford. Just click on the image below to open the web page or go to


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